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Are you looking for a new website for your business? Now is your chance!

We’re thrilled to invite 15 businesses to become the pioneering beta testers of our innovative website management system. Embark on a journey where your feedback shapes the digital future for businesses like yours, all while enjoying a discount saving you thousands on our custom website and proven marketing systems.

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Embark on a journey of innovation and co-creation with Levin. As we unveil our new website management system and intuitive page builder, we extend an exclusive invitation to you to be our co-pilots in this exciting venture.

Why this promotion, and why now? At Levin, our mission to empower businesses goes hand in hand with continuous evolution. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so are we. The introduction of our new features is designed to give you more direct, real-time control over your online presence, ensuring your digital storefront is always in sync with your business needs.

But we want to get it right. Your expertise as a business owner is crucial to the refinement of our system. This isn’t just a trial of new features; it’s a collaborative effort to ensure our system is not merely functional but also intricately tailored to meet the diverse, real-world needs of businesses like yours.

Your feedback will be meticulously integrated, crafting a final product that isn’t just a tool but a true ally in your digital journey. Together, let’s shape a future where digital marketing is not only robust and innovative but also empathetically molded to your business’s unique digital encounters and opportunities.

What Is Being Tested...

What ISN'T Being Tested:

❌  Our Signature Website Designs:

Your website will still boast our renowned, visually stunning, and conversion-optimized designs.


❌  Professional Copywriting:

Expect the same high-quality, expertly crafted website text that effectively communicates your brand message and value propositions.


❌  Proven Marketing System:

Our established, results-driven marketing system remains the same, continuing to strategically attract and convert your ideal clients.


❌  Top-Tier Customer Support:

Our unwavering commitment to providing you with exceptional, timely customer support is not under trial.

What IS Being Tested:

✅  New Website Management System:

Post-launch, we’re fine-tuning our enhanced system designed to streamline and simplify your website management experience.


✅  Innovative Page Builder:

Explore and provide feedback on our new tool, designed to empower you with the ability to make seamless, on-the-fly edits to your website’s content and layout.

What's Included...

Customized Website Design

A website tailored to mirror your unique business, ensuring your digital presence is authentic and engaging.

Expertly Crafted Copy & Brand Story

Professional copywriting that tells your story, connects with your audience, and builds brand loyalty.

SEO Foundation Setup

An SEO-optimized website ensuring you’re visible and accessible to your potential clients on search engines.

Your Dedicated Success Manager

A personal manager to guide your digital journey, ensuring your website aligns with your business goals.

Responsive Technical Support Staff

Have peace of mind with a technical team ready to assist with any challenges, ensuring a smooth online operation.

High-Speed, Dedicated Server Hosting

Ensure a fast and seamless user experience with our dedicated, high-speed server hosting.

Total Package Value:


Total Upfront Investment:



Total Monthly Investment:


Limited Amount Of Spots Available!

What Our Customers Say...

“Levin was great getting an easy website for my business! I knew how to work with websites, but I didn’t have time to get the one that I wanted. Levin was simple, easy, and allowed me to not only get my online presence up and going but let me focus on my business too.”

Ben Weisner, Owner,
Breakwater Public Adjusting

“I am super happy with my website! The industry my business is in did not allow for us to wait on getting a website online. Levin was able to get our website done quickly and was cooperative to all the customizations we needed. They even took the time to teach us how to maintain and update it ourselves!

Spencer Smart, Owner,
Smart COVID Solutions

Highly recommend Levin solution! I needed a website for my new business so clients can see information on services and book their appointments online. Was very easy to work with, supportive, had great suggestions and responds quickly. Thanks again!”

Kirsten Rose, Owner,
Essence Wellness Spa

Beta Testers Needed Promotion

This Is Your Chance To Launch Your New Website; The Website Of Your Dreams!

Join us as one of the exclusive 15 businesses to test our new tools! Dive into our advanced website management system and page builder at half the price.

This isn’t just about savings; it’s a chance for you to shape our future offerings. Your insights will fine-tune our tools, ensuring they cater perfectly to businesses like yours.

Step up, make an impact, and optimize your online presence with us. Claim your spot and be part of this pioneering journey!

This is a limited offer! Only 7 slots left out of 15!

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Here’s EVERYTHING You Get When You Take Advantage Of This Special Offer RIGHT NOW!

Customized Website Design

($3,300 value)

Expertly Crafted Copy & Brand Story

($997 value)

SEO Foundation Setup

($1,500 value)

Your Dedicated Success Manager

($2,000 value)

Responsive Technical Support Staff

($3,000 value)

High-Speed, Dedicated Server Hosting

($197 value)

Total Value: $10,894

Investment: $3,500

& $297/month

Secure SSL Payment

Data stored on a secure server

Money Back Guarantee

For 90 days after website launches

This is a limited offer! Only 7 slots left out of 15!