Meet The Founder

Nathan Sessions

Nathan has been a serial entrepreneur for more than a decade. His primary mission and passion are helping others however he came. Outside of work, Nathan volunteers with many nonprofit organizations and tries to make a difference within his community.

In 2021 Nathan started Levin to support local businesses struggling to grow online. He has worked with many companies of all sizes to assist them with creating a foundation to grow.

Levin Marketing Solution has grown much larger and faster than expected. The demand from local businesses to have a trustworthy agency assist and manage all digital properties was more significant than expected. Nathan and his staff at Levin are excited to help as many businesses as possible without lower their quality of work.

Continue reading to hear more of Nathan’s fascinating story.

About Nathan

Early Life

A Pretty Rocky Start...

I started my entrepreneurial journey in high school at 15 when I opened my first business, Dream Digital. A website agency building websites for local companies. A few years later, I sold Dream Digital to focus on my corporate career.

My journey didn’t end there. I was drawn to the entrepreneur life and started over eight different businesses in the following years. Ranging from drone photography, online blogging, physical ad placement, drop shipping, and the list goes on and on. Each one, however, seemed it was worse than the one before it.

Over $150,000 were invested and lost on products, business courses, employees, and more during this time.

About Nathan

The Day That Changed Everything

I Wish It Upon Absolutely No One…

June 9th, 2018. I was driving down the highway when I received a phone call from my mother. She was demanding I come to her immediately. I didn’t know what she wanted, but I could tell by her voice that I wouldn’t like what I found when I arrived.

I discovered shortly after that my brother had passed away in a motorcycle accident. It seems a million things raced through my mind at that moment, but throughout it all, I couldn’t help but feel guilty.

You see. I had a very close relationship with my brother. Yet all I could think about was when my brother would often aske to go on a hike, for a joy ride, or just hang out, and I said no.

Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was “too busy” trying to grow my business at the time. To this day, over four years later, rarely does a day go by that I don’t feel that guilt. And today, I would do anything to be able to spend just a second more with him.

Shortly after that day, I quit my day job and focused on my business. The way I saw it, doing both was pulling me away from my family, and with a business, I could create my own schedule to ensure I never had to miss another moment with my family and friends. I knew it was the only way for me.

About Nathan

Finding The Solution

Solving The Puzzle Of Business...

In the years following, I couldn’t help but notice many people succeeding online, and I was left thinking, what were they doing that I wasn’t? Finally, I realized that if I learned from their success and failures, I could prevent making the same mistakes.

I was sent down a huge rabbit hole as I wanted to learn from everyone I could! I read any business development book I could find; Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, Magnetic Marketing, The Lean Startup, Ready Fire Aim, The E-Myth, and so much more. I joined coaching programs, attended live events, and did nearly anything I could to figure out precisely what a business can do to grow its reach. Each book, coach, or course I did and worked with gave me what I believe is a small piece of the giant puzzle. My job at that point was just to put the pieces together.

Many people solved the puzzle for their industry or a particular type of business, but there was nothing that nearly every business could pursue. Nothing was simple enough that everyone could follow and be successful.

I combined everything I learned and used my personal experience to create a 6-step system. A system that, when followed correctly, can grow nearly any business to be successful. It was with this system I was finally successful.

About Nathan

Founding Levin

Putting It To The Test...

With this newly found system, I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. Looking around me, I could see businesses of all sizes struggling to find new audiences and converting them into raging fans.

I founded Levin with the pure goal of helping businesses to Harness The Full Potential of Your Business by following this 6-step system. And we did just that.

We tested the system and worked with businesses of all different kinds. From restaurants, nonprofits, construction, insurance adjusters, and much more, we put the system in place and had great success!

The 6-step system is designed to improve the business’s digital presence, add a human aspect, and make it more approachable by its following. When done right, the business had a system they could turn on at their own will and nearly immediately see a flow of new customers for free!

My personal goal is with this system I can help others with the hope that they will never have to experience the same kind of loss and guilt I did.

What... How... Why...


We help businesses grow by assisting with their marketing and building them a successful website.


We follow our proven 6-step system which is designed to improve your business’s digital presence, add a human aspect, and make you more approachable by your following.


Our purpose is simple; to make businesses more successful and give the business owner’s their life back.

What We Are not

We Don't Work With Everyone

Our clients are hand picked and only are those who we truly believe we can help.

We Don't Use Templates Of Any Kind

All of our work is custom made for the business it is being used for.

We Don't Leave Everything On You

Unlike other agencies, we will continuously work on your site where needed.

We Don't Wait For Update Requests

Our staff monitor every client we work with and make recommendations to help.